Ok, so December was a month filled with work, work and again some work. But nevertheless there were happy times as well.

During December we in the office have been working on an application to JAXA (The Japanese Space Exploration Agency) regarding the EUSO project. It was a very important application so we were working into the bitter end.

The deadline for the application was the end of December. The last email I got before the application was submitted was at 23:49 on December 31.

This has been a classic example of the 90-10 rule. As far as I know it states that 90% of the work is done in 10% of the time, and the remaining 10% of the work is done during the last 90% of the time. I was relatively done with my part of the application early, but still on new years eve I got emails asking me to fix small details in the text. Not at 23:49 however. By then I was preparing to open a bottle of bubbles, but that’s for another post.

However, I have been able to not work as well.

On Friday the 12th, after work, a colleague invited me along to go to an Onsen. An Onsen is a traditional Japanese bathhouse. This particular one id different since it’s a communal bath. The first thing that struck me was a sign, this sign
In many places (Onsens, gyms ect.) you are not welcome if you have ink. This is mainly due to the tradition of the members of the Yakuza to be heavily tattooed. There seems to be some lenience these days since I’ve seen people obviously tattooed but have covered them with skin-coloured band-aids.

Anyway, the Onsen was lovely. A large indoor pool (where you’re not allowed to swim, just bathe) and two out-door hot tubs. A lovely place to which I will be going back.

The best thing in December was on the 17th. On this day my girlfriend, Karro, arrived from Sweden. It was a sunny day at Narita and I managed to get some plane spotting done before the early arrival of LH710 from FRA.

Having Karro here has been wonderful. Unfortunately time did pass by quickly, too quickly unfortunately.

I have some more posts coming up soon covering among others new years.