As many of you know I’m an avid Tintin fan. Therefore today I will tell you about my first visit to the Tokyo Tintin Shop.

The address of the shop is 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前 5-12-12 (〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 5 Chome−12-12) which is about a 5-10 minute walk from Meijijingumae or Harajuki station respectively. Since the shop relatively centrally located there is therefore no excuse not to visit, even is you’re only in Tokyo for a short time.

Since I usually travel from Wakoshi station I have the advantage of taking the Fukutoshin Line directly to Meijijingumae Station.
Once at the station there is, as always, a maze to get to the right exit. Exit 4 and making a u-turn as soon as one gets above ground sets you on the right track towards the Tintin shop.

After a few minutes walk this sign can be easily spotted
Tintin seems a bit surprised to see you Snowy doesn’t seem to approve.
And this is me next to the store. And as all of the other Tintin shops I’ve visited its small and cosy.
The merchandise sold is of course the official Tintin stuff so more or less the same things that you can get any where else. However, there are of course exceptions
So now I have a good reason to start learning to read Japanese.

All in all I think a visit to the Tintin shop is a must of any Tintin fan who comes to Tokyo. I will absolutely be going back.