I travelled from Tokyo to Salt Lake City via Denver. After arriving in Salt Lake City, I was magically able to meet Marco at the airport. Marco had arrived about an hour earlier. The reason for this was that we belong to different frequent flier programs, so unlike me he had flown from Narita via Seattle to Salt Lake City.

In any case, after meeting, we got the rental car and started driving towards Delta. We had booked a hotel in the outskirts of Salt Lake City and with the help of the GPS we were able to find it.

After having checked in we went out to get something to eat. We found a small place just across the highway and I could order a steak. Now to be honest, as Marco pointed out afterwards, it wasn’t the best steak ever. But it was a steak… After being in japan for about 4.5 months I was so pleased to be able to sink my teeth into a real steak, and not having to pay half a months salary to do so… that I at the time, didn’t really care that much that the steak was a bit charred.

The following day the plan was to first make a stop at a Walmart to buy proper clothes for spending nights in the desert. However, when we got out of the hotel this is what we saw.
Being a Swedish viking I, obviously, had to play it cool and say “I’ve seen worse”. In any case, the closest Walmart was only a few miles away so we could hide out there until the worst of the weather had passed.

Walmart is more or less like your average large scale supermarket store where you can buy anything you need. And I really mean ANYTHING…

We spent quit a lot of time getting warm boots and clothes but eventually we were done and started to check out what else they offered. After having worked our way through the DVD/BlueRay and the Toys sections we arrived at the Fish and Wildlife part. Here’s where it get interesting…

First it’s a normal Fish and Wildlife section where you can get fish tackle, camping gear etc.. But the suddenly I turned a corner and was standing face to face with this cabinet
At first I thought they were toys, like soft airguns or such. But then I realised that they were actual assault rifles… Suddenly the following dialogue does not seem so far fetched:

– Honey, I’m just going to Walmart to pick up some milk and some candy for the kids. Do you need anything?
– I’m good. No! Wait, can you pick up a AR-15 assault rifle for me. I’ve been meaning to get one but haven’t had the time. I need it for the squirrel hunt this week end.

Or something like like that. I’m sure that you’re not allowed to hunt squirrels with an assault rifle, not even in the US… Her’s Jim Jefferies giving his take on guns and gun control. Definitely worth 16 minutes of your time, for two reasons: 1) He’s funny and 2) he makes good points.

In any case. We didn’t get any assault rifles. But we did lots of other stuff and by the time we had worked our way through the entire store the snowstorm had dissipated and we could more safely continue our journey towards Delta.